Jessica Ferrer Designs is socially and environmentally responsible.

We are  committed to using the best materials purchased from different parts of the word suppliers which have traceability of materials, in order to ensure that our materials are from trusted sources.

All hats are handmade from Artisans so also we are helping communities in Mexico.

I have to live near cancer with people I really appreciate one of them the father of my son ... and my 6-year-old niece. Living so close to this disease makes me realize how ephemeral we are of the importance of health, that we believe will never happen to us, cancer is a physically and mentally difficult disease. Thank God both are in remission, but the scars that remain in the soul of each of them, That is why the whole purpose of my hats is to help and donate to people who are living in such a situation.

Jessica Ferrer is committed to contribute to Cancer Patients by donating 10% of the purchase price paid for each hat. For each collection launched on our website, a social cause will be presented.