Premiun Fedora  Hat "Wendy"
Premiun Fedora  Hat "Wendy"

Premiun Fedora Hat "Wendy"

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A delicate embroidered ribbon band with a rich texture upgrades a contemporary suede hat styled with a classic molded crown and wide.

Natural suede structured hat
Handcrafted suede Hat
Elastic inner band
100% Suede
Designer: Jessica Ferrer
Sun hat that blocks 95% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Size         M 57-58 cm    22.5 " - 23"
Model       Fedora Hat
Material   Suede
Color       Ivory, yellow, Blue Embroidered ribbon
Band      1.5”
Brim        3.25" in
Crown     4”
Cordobes crown

Please note, hat features including suede color may vary slightly from piece to piece. These hats are individually hand crafted by artisans, each with its own unique character. We want your new hat to be as unique as the person wearing it and consider this a contribution to the unique character of each hat.